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We challenge religious oppression and advance the freedoms of individuals raised in insular religious communities.

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In a country where liberty is a cornerstone value, what happens when the liberty of religious communities to practice impedes the rights of the people trapped within them? What duty does the public have to intervene in the traditions of religious groups, and how should that duty be exercised?

The Rights and Religions Forum is a 501c3 non-profit founded to create spaces and curate conversations around these oft-ignored and complex questions, giving – for the very first time – a voice to the oppressed and vulnerable within isolated religious communities.

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Educate and Raise Awareness

Foster dialogue and educate the public about the issues affecting individuals raised in insular religious communities.

Create a Community of Excellence

Bring together professionals from organizations working with and on behalf of individuals from insular religious backgrounds so that they can learn and share best practices.


Convene researchers and advocates who are advancing greater understanding of this population.


Organize collective action to advance and protect the rights of this population.

Infrastructure Support: Build capacity of grassroots organizations.


WRRC Con 2019 Video Series

Organizations and even informal groups can participate in the Rights and Religions Forum's coalition activities. Sign up below and we will reach out to you.

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